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Hi I’m Craig

 If you are disillussioned with your life, and are ready for a breakthrough, I will help you to expand and create more freedom!

Allow me to hold space for you

whilst you step into your power

and create your soulshine life!

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Don’t Settle For Less

Creating Dream Lifestyles

My purpose is to help you stand in your power, to see your truth, and to create a lifestyle that aligns with who you really are, with your wildest dreams, with your soulshine!

Until you are ready to step in to your power, I will hold that space for you. 

Before you can create your ideal lifestyle, you have to see it clearly. So together we will create your soulshine life vision.

I will keep you accountable and on track so that you achieve your results in the quickest time possible. 

I will support you through any challenges that arise. 

Types of People I am Great at Supporting


There are certain types of people I really click with.  It’s important that you and your coach are vibing at the same frequency. Plus, I like to make positive and meaningful connections in all areas of my life. So naturally, I want to work with people I can relate to. These days my life is all about fun, adventure, ease, peace and flow. Meeting life’s challenges from a focused, centred and grounded place. I’ll help you to do the same.

It’s important to me that the people I work with are authentic, passionate, committed, resourceful and have a dream around creating a big impact in the world. If that sounds like you, schedule your free 1 hour empowering conversation with me by clicking one of the buttons on this page. 

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Create Your Soulshine Lifestyle

Are you fed up of materialism, pushing and striving. Chasing bigger, better, faster?  

Disillusioned with your career path? Do you need to find clarity and rekindle enjoyment      of your work? 

Do you want to drop into the flow of life?

Do you want to escape the stress and frustration of a 9 to 5 career and achieve more freedom, a more rewarding and purposeful life? 

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, pressured, trapped. Do you want to slow down, enjoy life, travel and explore?

Would you like to make more conscious life choices? Live off grid, chase a dream? Do you have a vision of how you can help others and make a big impact in the world? 

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Self Employed, Creatives & Visonaries

How would an abundance mindset improve your work life? 

Do you think of finance and planning as something boring, rigid and a chore?  

In fact, having a useable and adaptable plan    can bring more clarity, freedom and be         very empowering.  

It will free up so much of your time and energy to concentrate on what is really important … your creativity.  

When you have your business vision and a plan to back it up, you will feel more confident, more in control, and able to charge what   you are worth. 

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Self Healers & Seekers

To live a fulfilled life you need all areas of your life to be balanced and working in harmony.  

Your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  Work life, relationships, money should all contribute to your feelings of well-being.

This can often mean soul searching, changing beliefs about yourself and healing wounds from the past. 

We will explore which areas of your life feel out of balance, where you feel blocked or trapped, and put steps in place to transcend them.  

We will ensure your goals align with your personality type,  your lifestyle and your authentic self. 

Let's start something exciting today!

Schedule your free 1 hour   empowering conversation

Moving Forward

Your Four Stages to Success

I believe in keeping things simple. There are only 4 stages to transforming your current situation and creating your soulshine life.

 1. Create Your Vision

I will work with you to uncover what you truly desire.

2. Develop A Plan

We will develop your unique plan together.

3. Take Action

I will help keep you motivated, focused and on track.

4. Become Unstoppable! 

Persistance is everything. I will share techniques to boost your mindset, attitude and emotional resilience. I’ve had lot’s of experience at this, as I have been doing this naturally from a young age. 

If this all feels a little daunting for you just now .. don’t worry!

I am here to hold space for you, until you are ready to step into your power.

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My story – Part 1

Strength and Sensitivity 

You can have both

Sometimes, life isn’t all fun and adventure. We all have our ups and downs. At times we need the support of someone strong and caring to reach down and help pull us out of a hole. 

I know, I’ve been there!  I’m lucky that I had a fabulous network of wonderful people to help me through difficult times. 

I’ve had my struggles and come through them stronger. In fact, my challenges are what led me to develop the tools necessary to firstly, heal myself, then help others, and now enable me to live my current lifestyle. 

I have lot’s of personal insights to share with you and help you on your path. 

From an early age, I had a strong sense of who I was, how I wanted to show up in the world, and a desire to live life my way. Not in a rebellious way, but in a quietly determined way.

I didn’t run with the pack, or give in to peer pressure. So led a sheltered life. At times, it felt like I was on the sidelines, not fully integrated. However, even though I love people and being around friends, I was also happy in my own company.

I was single minded, patient, adaptable and confident in my own abilities. When things were not going how I wanted, I changed them. I could step back, see the bigger picture and play the long game. Creating visions that mattered to me, keeping focused and persisting until I reached my goals. I wasn’t afraid of hard work.

I left school and worked as an electrician on building sites and in engineering works. I spent a decade studying and working up through the ranks. I spent a number of years working for two large multi-national engineering corporations.

After my first existential crisis, I retrained as a financial adviser. Which involved a great deal of study and self development. Plus, as if that wasn’t enough of a challenge, I also transitioned to self employment! It seemed like a good idea at the time! However, the financial services environment just wasn’t me. Added to that I was in a failing marriage. These were difficult years of my life. I started to develop my coping strategies and taking a more holistic approach to well-being.  Hiking and getting out in nature was my solace. 

The credit crunch, and then some time later, divorce, led me to my next big crises. By now I was just about the right age to call this a mid-life crisis. Both my mental and physical health had suffered due to prolonged stress and anxiety. I knew that things couldn’t continue as they were and so made drastic changes.  This was the big turning point in my life.

I trained as a Personal Finance Coach helping people to arrange their finances in a way to support and achieve their lifestyle goals. It was then I realised that my purpose in life is to help others overcome their challenges.

I also started to focus on my own lifestyle goals; I backpacked solo along the Pennine Way, I ran a marathon, I embraced my lifelong love of music and started performing in bands. My first public performance was 2 months before my 40th birthday!

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